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Your Fitness Money Coach Podcast

Aug 15, 2023

The good folks at recently had me do a webinar for their elite and exclusive membership community. 

My talk was with Brendon Rearick and we had a blast. 

Brendon and I both share a passion for the fitness profession as well as finance which made the webinar dynamic. 

Here were some of the highlights:

  • The influence of John Maxwell’s Make Today Count on Brendon
  • In your twenties, focus on investing in yourself
  • In your thirties, focus on the power of automation
  • In your forties, focus on purpose
  • In your fifties (and beyond), focus on lifestyle

In addition to these, we cover the top 2 other things to focus on in each decade as well as specific actions and amounts to save and invest at each decade in order to build wealth

Everyone seems to want to earn more money. 

That certainly isn’t a bad thing. Typically, earning more money means you are either delivering more value to people or are helping more of them. It is going to require work. 

I have some good news for you today. 

Listen to this episode, take notes, and please share it with someone!

Listen to this episode, apply what you learn, and teach it to others. By the way, be sure to connect with me on Instagram!

Listen and grow!

Your Financial Coach,


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