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Your Fitness Money Coach Podcast

Jun 8, 2021

I’m excited to have Doug Bopst, host of the Adversity Advantage podcast on the show. I first met Doug a bit less than 10 years ago in a mastermind and was impressed with his story then. What’s more, he’s gone on to make a much broader impact by teaching people to use adversity to their advantage.

If you listen to this episode, you’ll hear the following mentioned:


  • The value of masterminds
  • Your environment can create a false sense of normalcy
  • Run your own race
  • At first Doug used his adversity to his disadvantage
  • How Doug transformed himself in jail
  • The importance of taking responsibility
  • Getting comfortable being uncomfortable
  • You have to be disciplined
  • “It doesn’t matter if you feel your best. It matters that you do your best.”
  • Forgive the old version of you
  • What if your pain was your greatest tool for personal growth?
  • You have to work your various muscles like your persistence muscles, adversity muscles, etc.
  • Focus on what you can control
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