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Your Fitness Money Coach Podcast

Aug 3, 2021

I’m excited for you guys to meet Sam and Rob Fatzinger. People tend to make excuses for where they are with their finances. They may say things like, “It’s too expensive where I live” or “I have too many kids to get ahead.” If I’m honest I’ve struggled at times with that stinkin’ thinkin.’

Then I met Sam and Rob. They take those excuses and all the others and flip them on their head.

Do you think you have too many kids to achieve financial freedom? Well. They have 14!!

No mater your current situation, you can improve.

Listen to the Fatzinger’s story and be inspired like I was.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • Episode 41 – The Talk – Discussing Finances with Your Partner – An Interview with Melissa Hofacker
  • The frugal lifestyle and how it adds to freedom rather than takes it away
  • Fitness – How the Fatzingers manage to stay healthy and Rob prioritizes training for ultra marathons!
  • How the Fatzingers were able to achieve financial independence with 14 children, living in an expensive area, and having a modest income
  • A Catholic Guide to Spending Less and Living more
  • Fatzinger’s website
  • The book
  • Sam’s IG

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