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Your Fitness Money Coach Podcast

Feb 13, 2024

#208: I know you’re going to enjoy my conversation with Curtis Christopherson. 

Curtis used what is now known as house hacking to raise money for his first gym. 

He was just 22 years old.

As owner of Innovative Fitness, Curtis oversees 16 locations, with a focus on one-on-one and one-on-two!

Find out how Curtis packs his gyms with people paying over $800 per month for personal training and keeps them for over 6 years!

Here are some of the takeaways you’ll gain from listening:

  • How your attitude in anything is your attitude in everything
  • The two non-negotiable things to scale your business
  • Where the industry is headed and why you might want to change your messaging

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Listen and grow!

Your Financial Coach,


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