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Your Fitness Money Coach Podcast

Jan 11, 2022

I have for you today, the perfect episode especially piggybacking on last week’s interview with Couple Money’s Elle Martinez.

I realize it’s pretty bold to call something the number one factor in determining success. The truth is success is a combination of lots of factors.

With my more advanced private clients, there are certain habits I like to check in with them about. We’re all human and we all have a tendency to drift if we’re not intentional.

One of those habits and one that is near and dear to me is being on the same page with your significant other about your money.

You see, back when Melissa and I were drowning in over 130K of non-mortgage debt, we didn’t have good communication around money.

Now, it’s one of the factors I consider most responsible for the success we’ve experienced over the past decade.

Listen to today’s episode as I share the exact strategy we use to be on the same page with our finances. It’s not always easy but it’s certainly worth it!

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