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Your Fitness Money Coach Podcast

Jun 11, 2024

Today’s episode was recorded the day before my Perform Better debut in Orlando, FL. 


Multiple times per day, I was asked, “Are you nervous?”


Reflecting on that question, I thought it would be fun to share my thoughts. 


While it was helpful for me to do so, the real reason is that I believe the way I see it...

Jun 4, 2024

In 1996, a book came out that forever changed the world of personal finance. 

I was only 16 years old but a couple of years later, I became certified as a personal trainer through the ISSA. 

My first mentor was the owner of the neighborhood gym where EVERYONE worked out their chest on Monday. Frank Rossi had been...

May 28, 2024


We all have a certain pattern we follow with money. 


That pattern is determined by what’s “under the surface.”


The deep programming under the surface stems back to childhood. 


What did your parents or caregivers teach you (verbally and non) about money?


Was money considered “the root of all...

May 21, 2024


Albert Einstein described compound interest as the 8th wonder of the world. 

He said that those who understand it, earn it, and those who don’t, pay it. 

Like my man Big Al said, compound interest can either work for you or against you. 

For the 56% of US households who say they’d have trouble covering a 1K...

May 14, 2024

Nothing great is ever accomplished alone. 

None of us have the time or skills needed to be all we can be. 

For that reason, we need the power of other people. 

To help us out, I brought the owner of, Sebastian Gast on the show. 

One of the most common struggles I hear is gym owners being burnt out...