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Your Fitness Money Coach Podcast

Jun 14, 2022

Are we headed for a recession? It certainly looks that way.

Will it be the worse thing ever? I don't think so. 

Are there good things about it? Absolutely,  but tune in to today’s show to learn:

  • What a recession is - This might surprise you
  • What causes them and how often they occur
  • Where the opportunity lies - Don’t miss this one!
  • How to stay focused on what you want
  • How to develop a foolproof strategy to come out stronger than ever
  • What to do with your cash
  • The hands-down, the best investment you can me (even Warren Buffet agrees)
  • How to level up your systems
  • How to value your customers and clients more than ever

Enjoy the show and as always, thanks for tuning in!

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Listen and grow!


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