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Your Fitness Money Coach Podcast

Dec 21, 2021

My guest today is Nicole Spencer.

Nicole specializes in what she calls authentic conversion.

She teaches online coaches how to develop a 6-figure business.

If you’re not an online coach, don’t check out. There are tons of gems we can all learn from.

Nicole has a cool story that I’d love for you to hear.

She’s a former gym owner who sold her business for a nice chunk of change. We get into that as Nicole is transparent with how it looked. Wed dive into the importance of building a business that can sell whether we go that way or not.

Her approach to social media is unique and she shares how we can really connect with our audience to build trust. Only then will sales be made. Most people have digital marketing all wrong. With the authenticity Nicole describes, you can’t go wrong. People will be drawn to you.

We also get into different options for business models. The cool thing is that there are more options than we usually think and Nicole is helping many coaches find a niche they love.

Perhaps the biggest takeaway is about imposter syndrome. It is very real and most people deal with it at different stages of their business. I know I have.

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